Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Till we meet again!

Although MASC 2010 has over, MASC 2010 spirit still remain in every single one of us. The friendship that is built and the knowledge that is gained in this convention is so priceless. 

Again, we hope the participants will treasure the friendship and knowledge gained. 

The success of MASC 2010 really keeps the spirit of the organizing committees to continue organize MASC 2011! We really hope all of you can continue support this great event! =)

Till we meet again in MASC 2011! ^^

Sunday, December 19, 2010



MASC 2010 has became a reality and has finally ended. 
With tear and joy, the participants and the organizing committees bit farewell to each other hoping another great event like MASC 2010 to gather them once again!

The organizing committees of MASC 2010 would like to say a million thanks to the participants that involved themselves actively in this great event. Without you guys, MASC 2010 will not come into reality and became a success!

Of course, also a million thanks given to the Central Committees, Head of Departments and the Organizing Committees for their contributions and hard work throughout the preparation of MASC 2010! You guys rock all the time and your hard work are all paid off with the success of MASC 2010!

The committees of MASC 2010 really hope the participants will remember this event forever and hope you gain benefits from it. The friends you gained here, hopefully will be the one helping you out in the future!

So, what's next? MASC 2010 celebration time! Here we come! =)

More to come! Stay tuned! ^^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Participants,

For those that will be taking rapid buses T632,

P/s: there are a lot of bus stops in UM. Remember to let the bus driver know that you will be stopping at the 1st college bus stop (It will be nearer to 2nd College). If you stop at the other main library bus stop, there will be organizing committee waiting for you there. 

Contact Mr. Mohd Salleh bin Armian Mohd at 012-5363860 to ask about direction if you are lost.

Bus stop map for MASC

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Public Transport to University of Malaya.

Public Transportation to University of Malaya

From KL Sentral
    Participants may take LRT from KL Sentral to Universiti Station, then take Rapid KL buses (T632) to reach University of Malaya.
    By Taxi - 15 minutes distance to reach University of Malaya.

From Bukit Jalil
Participants may ride LRT from Bukit Jalil Station to Masjid Jamek Station and transfer to Kelana Jaya Line to Univeristi Station. Upon reaching Universiti Station,  participants may ride Rapid KL buses (T632) to reach University of Malaya.

From Putra Station
Participants may take LRT from PWTC Station to Masjid Jamek Station and transfer to Kelana Jaya Line to Universiti Station. Then take Rapid KL buses (T632) to University of Malaya.

From Titiwangsa
Participants may take monorail from Titiwangsa Station to KL Sentral. Then, take Metro Bus (no.12) or Rapid KL (U85) to reach Intan Gate of University

From UKM/Nilai (KTM)
Participants may take KTM to KL Sentral and then proceed to take
LRT from KL Sentral to  Universiti Station, take RapidKL
buses (T632) to reach University of Malaya.

From Duta Bus Station
There is no LRT Monorial Station, so is recommended to take taxi to reach University of Malaya.

From Station University
When you reach there, you may take Rapid KL buses (T632) to reach University of Malaya

From Midvalley KTM Station 
You may go to the north court to take Rapid KL buses (T631)  to reach University Station. Then, take Rapid KL buses (T632) to reach University Malaya

From Subang Airport

1. Take taxi from Subang Airport to Kelana Jaya LRT Station. Approximately 10 minutes   with the charge of RM 5.00 in a clear traffic.
2. Take Kelana Jaya Line towards Gombak to Universiti LRT Station. The journey fare will be RM 1.30.
3. Take Rapid KL Bus T632 (RM 1.00) to University of Malaya.

1. Take the Airport Coach for a one way journey to KL Sentral. You can purchase the ticket at the respective counter for RM 10.00.
2. Take Kelana Jaya Line towards Kelana Jaya to Universiti LRT Station. The journey fare will be RM 1.60
3. Take Rapid KL Bus T632 (RM 1.00) to University of Malaya

1.Take the Skybus service to KL Sentral for RM 9.00 or Aerobus service to KL Sentral for RM8.00
2.Take Kelana Jaya Line towards Kelana Jaya to Universiti LRT Station. The journey fare will be RM 1.60
3.Take Rapid KL Bus T632 (RM 1.00) to University of Malaya.

If you have any enquiry, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Koh Ming Cher: 012-7938199 & Ms. Tee Khai Shin:  016-9409369.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sample Of R&B Year End Party Attire!

Dear Participants,

Have you start shopping? 
Remember to search for Red and Black one.. =)
Below are some samples for you to have a look.
Hopefully they can help to guide you when you make your shopping!  ^^



See you all in MASC 2010! ^^

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear Participants,

Kindly look through this checklist and start packing your stuff!
Feel free to feel excited for the very coming MASC 2010!
Haven't got yourself a luggage? Go get one and stuff all these things into it! =)


1) Attire
  • Track Bottom (sufficient for 3 days)
  • Sport shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • Party's shoes
  • Formal Attire (Day 1)
  • Party Costume
  • Casual Attire (sufficient for 3 days)
2) Toiletries

3) Bedsheets

4) Umbrella / Raincoat

5)Documents (needed during registration)
  • Proof of Payment
  • IC
  • Students ID
  • At least 2 hard copy of Resume

The things that we will provide:

1) Two MASC 2010 T-Shirt
2) Pillow

Kindly be reminded that the convention dinner this year comes with the theme of R&B Year End Party
(R&B - Red & Black)
So, give yourself some time to go do some shopping. Grab the attire that you feel most nice! But kindly be reminded that it's Red and Black! =) 

The more detailed version of the checklist will be uploaded soon. Also the sample of the proper attire that you should wear in the Year End Party.

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mr. Joel Neoh, Founder of Youthsay.com and Youth Asia

Dear friends,

We are very lucky that we get to invite another outstanding speaker for our interesting topic, Motivation towards Entrepreneurship. Besides Mr. Jason Lo, the CEO of Tune Talk, Mr. Joel Neoh will be joining us in this fabulous topic.

Watch out,friends!  

Executive Director, Youth Asia

Joel is the co-founder and executive director of Youth Asia, a group of companies focused on helping organizations tap into the collective power of youths.

Youth Asia owns YouthSays.com, an online community of 300,000+ youth members across Southeast Asia (250,000 members in Malaysia) who participate in research for businesses and NGOs. This includes producing public studies for The Star, New Straits Times and Malay Mail, as well as over 450 private studies for various organizations. This community of youths also use their Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, and blogs to assist NGOs and Malaysia’s largest advertisers, like TM, Nestle, DiGi, Nokia, Nike, Microsoft, MAS, and Celcom, with their youth communication needs.

Youth Asia is also involved with large-scale youth development initiatives. They organize Malaysia’s largest youth festival every year. Their most recent youth festival, YOUTH’10, engaged over 228 schools, 55 campuses, and 88,366 youths to co-organize and experience over 180 activities across 3 days at PWTC. YOUTH’10 won No.1 in Promotional Activity of the year + No.2 in Campaign of the Year at the Malaysia PR Awards 2010. Youth Asia has also assisted in ASEAN initiatives like the SEACHANGE Youth Report. In 6 weeks, Youth Asia compiled 102,502 stories for a research report for world leaders by working with 200 partner campuses, online web communities, and student organizations across ASEAN.

Youth Asia also recently launched GroupsMore (www.groupsmore.com), a movement of people that believes life should be exciting. By tapping into the collective power of numbers, GroupsMore benefits thousands of its members by offering the best discounts to try something new every week and promises featured businesses hundreds of new customers in return.

Joel and his team believe that when we collaborate and engage the collective power of youths, we can achieve anything. He now focuses his efforts on leading Youth Asia to channel the power of youths both locally and regionally.

p/s: Joel also won Malaysia’s first corporate reality TV show, The Firm being the youngest contestant at age 23.

Did you know: Youth Asia was previously known as Youth Malaysia (which won the Youth Friendly Company of the Year in 2007).

Well, so if you want to listen to him talking about Motivation towards entrepreneurship, do come to MASC 2010 and listen to him carefully. It's truly once in a lifetime opportunity! Come grab it!